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We offer wholesale opportunities and support to distributors throughout Western Australia and Northern Territory who are interested in Bios Urn. Whether you are a wholesaler, a retailer, a funeral home, or a flower store, we have options to match your needs.


How much does the urn hold?

The capacity is 2.6L. This is sufficient for a large human or animal. The quantity of the ash does not affect the ability of the plant to grow. It is also common for the ash of one person to go to multiple urns for planting by more than one family member. If you are sharing the ashes between family members, you may want to top the urn up with some of the soil being used with the Bios urn.

How long does it take for the Bios Urn to bio-degrade?

The level of moisture that the Bios Urn is exposed to will vary the breakdown time. The developers’ studies resulted in break down times of 6-10 weeks.

How deep do I bury the Bios Urn?

The top of the urn should be approx. 2-3cm below the ground surface for best results.

Isn’t the ash too acidic to be good for the plant?

By the time that the roots of the plant are close to the ash, the urn has degraded and the ash has combined with the subsoil. Having said that, with all plants the roots will strike out in the direction where they can be best nourished.

How long can the Bios Urn sit on the shelf before it breaks down?

The Bios Urn has an abundant shelf life if it is not exposed to moisture. Store in a dry place.

Can I put the Bios Urn into a pot plant?

Yes, as long as the plant size is suitable so it does not out-grow the pot.

Why do you recommend a seedling over a seed?

Australian native seeds are tricky to grow, and very slow to grow. The idea of sourcing a seedling has multiple benefits. a) the user has a very wide selection of plant type, which makes this a more personalised process. b) the seedling will be hardened to the local climate, so it will be ready to grow in a similar location c) the time taken to select the desired seedling can help with the grieving / celebration process.

What if my plant dies?

Sadly, every natural thing has a finite time on this planet. A replacement can be replanted with due care and respect.

Why must a retailer buy 12 urns as a minimum?

We want to protect our retailers, and need to be able to distinguish those that are industry related, from those in the general public that are seeking to buy at a lower cost by grouping in 3 ‘s or 4’s etc.

Where do you deliver and how much is delivery?

Tree of Memories can deliver the Bios Urn Australia wide. Plus shipping anywhere in Australia is complementory. We can also send you simple instructions to ensure all your questions are answered. Or feel free to call me personally.

Where should I get my seedling?

From a garden centre near to where you plan to use the Bios Urn, so the plant is acclimatised to the area.

Is it legal?

Yes, many local authorities welcome the planting of trees. If you plan to place the Bios Urn in a public place, check with your local council first. Bios Urn Australia is made for Australian conditions.

Can I mix ashes in the one Bios Urn?

Yes, the ash can sit in the Bios Urn, if kept dry, until other ashes are added, if desired. Then planted.

Will the crematorium know what to do with it?

Yes, they are familiar with the Bios Urn.

Can I keep the ash in the Bios Urn until I decide where to plant it?

Yes, just keep it dry.

Why wouldn’t I just bury the ash in a hole and plant on top of it?

If that is your preference by all means, but be aware that the ash will be too acidic by itself, for the plant to flourish.

Is the Bios Urn available for pets?

Yes. Currently, Bios Urn is manufactured for people and for pets. You can find more information on the urns on the shop section of the website. For a pet urn, simply click the drop-down menu and select ¨Bios Urn for pets.¨

What is the difference between the Bios Urn for humans and for pets?

The Bios Urn for humans and for pets is the same product. Bios Urn is universal, in the sense that it has the same shape, colour and price. The only difference is in the packaging and labelling, to aid in identifying the product.

Does the Bios Urn consist of any materials that should not be buried in the soil?No, the Bios Urn is

No, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

What States Do we deliver to?

Tree of Memories Deliver Bios Urn Australia wide, with free delivery to all states. Bios Urn Tasmania , Bios Urn Queensland , Bios Urn Victoria , Bios Urn South Australia , Bios Urn Northern Territory ,Bios Urn New South Wales , Bios Urn ACT , Bios Urn Western Australia .

How can I get more information

When you call Tree of Memories you speak personally to Bryce, He is available to call, text or email any time you may have a question, before during or after your purchase. There are also "How to use guides" with simple directions and photos available on request.

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